Process Journal

About the Project

The Personal Project is a culminating activity of the IB Middle Years Program. It is an important student-directed inquiry, usually starting at the end of Grade 9 and extending into the spring and completed at the at the end of Grade 10. The Personal Project can take the form of a piece of independent research and/or investigation that takes the form of a student’s choice, such as a research paper, an original written play or short story, the building of a piece of furniture or other product, and so on .It provides an opportunity for students to produce a truly creative and personal piece of work while they demonstrate the ATL skills they have acquired through their years in the IB Middle Years Program. 

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This is a record of the development process


This can take on any form such as a model, website, play or artwork

Personal Statement

This is a written report describing how you met all the objectives


A 7-10 minutes presentation to your mentor about your experience

Process Journal

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